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It’s a business move….her children went to court to fight for royalties…Quaker oats bought it and now with everything that’s going on it was easy to take her off= not have to pay royalties. why is it political?? Those were branded long before Trump became president. I have no clue why all of a sudden certain things are offensive. More people of colour on TV,movies and stage but it’s offensive to have people of colour represent products. Being a good cook is offensive? removing these people from your view is a slap in their faces. They became successful people and now you want them removed? You must be a very racist person. I feel sorry for you. they weren’t exploited. That’s how you see it. I look at her image as a good cook, not a mammy as you see her. She died as the first black female millionaire! Sounds impressive to me! And she could live on if it weren’t for people like you! Her image doesn’t sell the product, the product is good and sells itself. I’m curious, why do you feel it needs to be changed? Do you think if she was alive, she would want her image to be removed or do you think she would be proud to have that as an accomplishment! Please exploit ME these people were well aware of the worth and got paid very well for it.I call them Smart business people.You have the problem Please read the history behind the product .No one cheated anyone. I posted the history above and not the whitewashed version. Look it up under the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia. it’s so sad that I’ve been nothing but attacked today because I said I agree with them removing the images from their package what a sad pathetic world we live in. thanks for the info, I think I understand why you feel that way. I see her image differently, I never saw any of those images that offend you. My image of her is a happy lady that cooks fabulous pancakes!

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