The Golf course is calling and I must go poster



The Golf course is calling and I must go poster 1

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How disgusting of you to assume anything! Or what even is your right to do so? Maybe she has a child at home with cancer that she is protecting or a partner with an autoimmune disease. Not everyone is a conspirator, some people genuinely love and want to protect their families. And what the hell does it have to do with you and how she feels about her own protection, you need to see a doctor if someone else wearing a mask gets you worked up! I very happy that the price of insulin is coming down. I don’t have diabetes I have different costly disease it’s M.S. In my mail I received today was my monthly prescription drug summary I always look at the cost just for my M.S. medicine for 2 months. It read $16,984.03 thank goodness I’m covered through my health care and some from extra help. I’m not complaining for myself I worry each and every day of the people that have this awful disease and can’t afford the medication and doctors needed to be cared for properly. I hope someone brings this disease to your attention.
Keeping America great! Thank you for all your hard work despite the lack of positive or any help from the obstructionist democrats! But please drop the cost of insulin for all! It doesn’t cost this much in other countries. hank you for your help with the cost of insulin. I am retired living on Social Security, and cannot afford it now. I am in the donut hole, the gap as of this month, and will have to pay full retail price, for the rest of 2020. I pray for the reduction quickly. God bless you Sir! President Trump!! I am a Type 1 Diabetic and I literally can’t live without insulin. Type 1 Diabetics HAVE to use insulin or we will die. We have Autoimmune Disease that causes our Diabetes. Please start differentiating between T1D’s and T2D’s.
Thank you SO much for capping out of pocket costs on insulin for seniors. I’m not a senior yet but will be someday and I am incredibly grateful to you.
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