Black lives matter in every dimension Rick and Morty shirt, tank top, hoodie



Black lives matter in every dimension Rick and Morty T-shirt

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There are many misconceptions around the slave trade debate and with the generation of inept liberal appeasers, I thought it best to point out just a few small details that often get overlooked or swept under the carpet – to avoid the real agenda of stirring up race baiting arguments, or fueling the activity of the victimisation card. We should probably tackle the most important myth of all – and that’s around who actually invented the slave trade industry. It wasn’t the white people, as the left ‘woke’ in society would have you think or believe. It was in fact the AFRICANS themselves who enslaved black people – FACT! It was after that point that sub Saharan AFRICANS then got involved in the trafficking of human lives and then the ARABS followed suit!

The EUROPEANS were not involved in any black slave trading until much later!. Although I fully appreciate that any form of slavery is despicable and immoral, why is the blame community pointing fingers at the white British people, when they themselves were the true perpetrators and instigators of these atrocious acts against human beings? Maybe it’s not white guilt or privilege that actually haunts them, but the part their own ancestors played. We are just easy targets to point the finger at – and that includes our nicely lined fat wallets of course!

The next part that the white people played in that appalling moment of history, was how we the white British demanded the abolition of slavery – and we brought that unfortunate episode to an end. In 1833, Britain used 40% of its national budget to buy freedom for all slaves within the British empire. That’s how racist white British actually were. We then rallied against our allies to follow suit. In 1865, President Lincoln then had Congress pass the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery in the US. That was 32yrs AFTER the British. The debt – that the BRITISH taxpayer took on to pay off all those slave traders – was so huge, it took almost 200yrs to eventually pay off. It was only settled in 2014. That’s right, you and I paid to end slavery – as did your parents and their parents before them so you can reject any notion of guilt. Furthermore, we played no part in this trade – never owned a slave or sold a slave, but as mentioned it was US who paid off that debt!

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