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Peace Love Back the Blue Sunflower long sleeved

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The democrats are rats they’re wolves in the sheeps clothing never to be trusted all they want to bring slvvery back they have almost achieved that blm antifa sosilists are their slave’s what they are doing they’ve been paid for .a good dem..oc..rat belongs to hell theres no good dem…oc…rats they are disiz nothing else. Your story just made me cry. I’m sorry you have lost “friends”. Those weren’t true friends. I hate it for you but welcome home to a new family of friends. You’re definitely not alone. Let me put it this way, if there were ONLY a few million or so of us, would the Left have had to cheat on everything from fake polls, giving Hillary debate questions ahead of time or using fake ballots? No, because we would have been hugely outnumbered and there wouldn’t have been any need to cheat. They are doing the same thing again, fake polls, Fake News, and trying everything from mail in ballots, 16 year old voters, illegal voters, COVID shutdowns to keep Dementia Joe off the campaign trail, shutdown or limit voting sites … anything they can think of to keep me and you from voting.

Amanda, I cherry pick a few of these stories that I add to my own wall. I try to pick ones that will speak to the greatest number of people who see them appear on their Timeline when I post them. I chose your story! This site now has several more members because of you sharing your story … I shared it, my friends shared it, their friends shared it. I think you represent a large swath of society and when people hear your words and see you, it has an impact. They like to portray us Trump supporters as backward rednecks. You get to crush that image and I’m proud you do!!! Thank you so much for keeping it real and educating the intolerant media mind controlled Left. Keep your head up and your brain turned on and welcome aboard the Trump Train 2020! I can see that. Your story is evokes so many emotions. It touched me. So welcome and you are now part of a family.

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