Motherhood powered by love fueled by coffee sustained by cannabis weed shirt, tank top, hoodie



Motherhood powered by love fueled by coffee sustained by cannabis weed v-neck

Buy it now: Motherhood powered by love fueled by coffee sustained by cannabis weed shirt, tank top, hoodie

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We need someone that’s in power. To make a statement.,( Okay here’s the deal) take down one Statue take every statue down. Including Martin Luther King. Obama every statues. And don’t stop there remove all names from roads or buildings. The man who started saying this says that ALL depictions of Jesus, his mother and his friends that are white are a “blatant case of racism”!!!! But what I find funny is that about two weeks before he put this on Twitter he BEGGED his followers to pray for his mother!!!! So how can you ask people to pray but then want to tear down Jess and HIS mother? Here it comes you better have your armor on Evil is out full in force and that’s why nobody is being prosecuted why would evil who is running evil one to prosecute evil that’s why these people are get away with everything y’all listen we’ve been distracted for the last 3 years something big is coming I don’t care what anybody says on on in lock down on bunkered in I’m stain in through Winter I don’t trust anybody I don’t trust with their saying about the Corona virus vaccine I wish they would televise it so we could see wrote really is going on with our backs seen to be honest with you and not taken anything they’re gonna have to kill me to force me to take something listen you better stock up please prepare yourself because something bigger is coming.

.Its ironic that sahun king is white . He has white parents even. His criminal record even states he is white. Yet he claims black status to appropriate for fame. All in all, if you love this country and are sick of what you see happening in dem cities and in our government. You had better prepare for whats coming. You are gonna be overjoyed that we have a second amendment. These bastards and their minions, like ANTIFA, are arming themselves and training and have publicly announced their willingness to spill our blood. I served in the navy at the end of Vietnam. I was stateside working security with our marine contingent. I also spent almost 7 years in a major pd. You dont want this. Above all else, you dont want this to get to that point. But I think its a very real possibilty and I am afraid for us Ive spilled my blood before and I will if called on. Prepare yourselves.


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