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It I’ll be fine taking it to the vet would of put it under a lot of stress and probably would of died. The salt water will sort out the bleed. Good job to the fella who found the poor thing. Sea water will help aid the recovery for the turtle. She was given a second chance by this good man . Do not judge him so harshly he did the right thing. Shells mend and she was strong enough to get into the water, where she is safer than upside down out of the water. Everyone saying he should have taken her to a vet…how?? Sea turtles are HEAVY. You expect him to haul her how many miles while she struggles in fear? And he couldn’t leave her there to get help, she was suffocating. Yes, it’s entirely possible she didn’t live long after going in the water, but there was nothing this guy could do about that. He gave her another chance at life. Good for him. everyone believing this was a genuine rescue….but look at where the turtle is…no where near where the water reaches, the sand was completely dry, which tells me that the tide doesn’t reach that far and the guy put her in that situation just to make a “I’m a hero” video! Now find me another video of a turtle flipped over that’s not near the sore line! I’ve done conservation work with turtles and what your saying just isn’t true. I’ve seen one both climb a dune and go into a hotel and another try and nest right at the top of a sand dune. So yeh they just stay on flat land… Kat Lloyd nope that’s not what turtles do, they remain on flat surfaces knowing their inability to move on ground come on!!! Of course she’s near the water but not near the surf….it’s not rocket science and sick people do infact do this just to go viral! Look at the logic it doesn’t make scene for a turtle to end up like this way off the shore line!

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