ZhangJing Nine Percent Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height And Facts

ZhangJing is the prominent male singer of Chinese music group Nine Percent. He was loved and admired by many audiences thanks to his singing and performing ability on stage. Are you a fan of ZhangJing and want to learn more about ZhangJing Nine Percent profile? In the article today we will share with you some interesting information about this guy full of personality. Follow the article below to better understand your K-pop idol.

ZhangJing’s personal information

ZhangJing Nine Percent is increasingly receiving the support and love of the audience since joining the band. Watch his personal information right away.

ZhangJing Nine Percent

Stage name: You ZhangJing (尤长靖)
Birth name: You ZhangJing (尤长靖)
Location: The lead singer
Birthday: September 19, 1994
Zodiac signs: Virgo
Height: 176 cm (5’9)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood group: –
Nationality: Malaysia
Label: Banana Entertainment
Instagram: @azorachin

ZhangJing’s biography and career

He belonged to the company’s TRAINEE18 before appearing on the Idol Idol Producer program.

You Zhangjing is a funny name in Chinese because it sounds like the development, teaching/development has developed (有 长进 you zhang jin), and on Idol Producer, they have joked about it a lot. : Are you taller?

ZhangJing Nine Percent

The song has occupied the top position on QQ Music & Billboard China for weeks since its release.

His name and YanJun’s name are 长得 俊 / Zhǎng dun jun in Chinese, ZhangJun in English; they are a very popular ship, almost always in the top 10 (highest in the top 1) in the CP rankings on Weibo.

Interesting information about ZhangJing

  • He likes to cook, watch movies and sing.
  • He really likes to eat delicious food.
  • His English name is Azorachin.
  • At first, Zhangjing was afraid of Xiao Gui.
  • Zhangjing is the oldest but pretends to be younger than his real age.
  • You Zhangjing can eat a lot
  • He can play the piano.
  • His favorite dish is Nasi lemak, a Malay dish.
  • He can eat a lot, but can also cook.
  • His fandom name is (Xī yòu), is grapefruit in Chinese.

Some cute pictures of ZhangJing

ZhangJing Nine Percent
ZhangJing Nine Percent

The ZhangJing Nine Percent profile provided on the article will be interesting and necessary information if you are a fan of this character ZhangJing full of personality. ZhangJing is well known, loved and admired by the audience not only for his singing and performing on stage, but also for his ability to understand in many areas. Hopefully, the information provided will be helpful in your inquiry process. Always accompany and support ZhangJing Nine Percent’s future events.

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