Xiao Gui Nine Percent Full Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And Facts

Xiao Gui is a famous male singer of Chinese music group Nine Percent. Since joining the band, he has been loved and welcomed by many audiences. He owns an impressive and handsome appearance. Xiao Gui Nine Percent is well known for its ability to sing and perform on stage. If you are a fan of this guy and want to learn more details about this guy, please refer to our article below.

Xiao Gui’s personal information

Known not only for his ability to sing and perform, but Xiao Gui is also a prominent rapper of the group. Here are some of his brief personal information.

Xiao Gui Nine Percent

Name Stage: Xiao Gui (小鬼)
Born Name: Wang LinKai (王琳凯)
Birthday: May 20, 1999
Position: Lead Rapper
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 178 cm (5’10 “)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Chinese label: Gramarie Entertainment
Instagram: @ 6_.ghost

Interesting information about Xiao Gui

He joined the Chinese Rap Band before appearing on the show. Xiao Gui’s rap name is Lil ‘Ghost (Xiao Gui’s English translation). (LA VLOG) Xiao Gui is close to Bu Fan during Idol production. His parents thought Bu Fan was a good role model for Xiao Gui.

Being in the 8th position, Xiao Gui or Wang Linkai were the first to be announced as members of the debut group, Nine Percent with 7,856,601 votes.

Xiao Gui Nine Percent

Before participating in Idol Producer, Xiao Gui was part of the survival program “The Rap of China”.

With his rap ability that deserves thumbs up, it’s no wonder that Xiao Gui is one of the best among the rapper line in the Idol Producer. In addition to Rapp’s ability, his vocal abilities are also considered to be quite good.

As a rapper, Xiao Gui is known to have a cool and swag image but actually, this idol born in 1999 has a soft side in him and is a loyal friend.

Xiao Gui Nine Percent
  • Xiao Gui describes herself as a distant person.
  • Many trainees are afraid of Xiao Gui because of his aura.
  • Fans of Xiao Gui are called 达琳 / Dá lín – Darling.
  • His rapper is Aka Imp
  • His model: Migos
  • Xiao Gui shares a room with Chen Linong.

Some cute pictures of Xiao Gui

With Xiao Gui profile provided above, you will be able to better understand this male singer personality. Are you a fan of Xiao Gui? If you are a fan of Xiao Gui, the information provided in the article will be useful information for you. Always watch and support Xiao Gui’s future activities. Thank you for taking the time to care about the article!

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