Wang ZiYi Nine Percent Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height And Facts

You are a fan of Wang ZiYi and you want to learn more interesting facts about Wang ZiYi Nine Percent profile? Follow the article below for some more details about this personality guy. Wang ZiYi is a famous male singer of Nine Percent, he is loved by many audiences and fans, especially young people. Ever since the group debuted, he has made a great contribution up until now

Interesting information about Wang ZiYi

Wang ZiYi Nine Percent

Stage name: Wang ZiYi ()
Name of birth: Wang ZiYi (王子 异)
Position: Rapper, Singer
Birthday: July 13, 1996
Zodiac signs: Cancer
Height: 186 cm (6’1 ″)
Weight: 72 kg (158 lbs)
Blood type A
Label: Simple Joy Music
Instagram: @ boogie1e

Interesting information about Wang ZiYi

Wang Ziyi is a member of Nine Percent who debuted in 7th place and won 8,561,329 votes. Wang Ziyi, who had debuted and was a member of the BBT group, tried her luck at the Idol Producer and managed to debut again with Nine Percent.

Having a cool image on the outside, in fact, Wang Ziyi is a kind and gentle figure inside. He did not hesitate to help trainees who needed help and even sacrificed several times for other trainees.

Wang ZiYi Nine Percent

This 1996-born idol is also one of the best rapper and dancer in Idol Producer. Although known as a rapper, in one of his performances he tried to be a vocalist when he performed the song I Will Always Remember and managed to prove his vocal abilities.

  • Before appearing on the show, he released the single ‘Mr. Lee ‘and also part of the BBT group.
  • His catchphrase is cool bro
  • His English name is Boogie
  • He came from a wealthy family.
  • He is very good with the other members, he gave up the center position many times in the program because he knows someone wants it.
  • Wang Ziyi’s fans are called ‘ISEE’
  • Wang Ziyi said on Idol Producer that he is closest to Cai Xukun.
  • Your model is ASAP Rocky, Kayne West, Kendrick Lamar
  • Wang Ziyi shares a room with Cai XuKun.

Some pictures of Wang ZiYi

Wang ZiYi Nine Percent
Wang ZiYi Nine Percent

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