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Pentatonix members Profile is a 5 member group. They first gained fame when they won the third season of NBC TV’s Capella singing competition, The Sing-Off. Since then, they have become famous for their recordings including popular hits and holiday music. With the talent and ingenuity of the members, pentatonic has produced quality music. To understand more about the members of this group, please read our reference below.

Pentatonix music activities

Pentatonix Members Profile

– The current Pentatonix members are Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee.

– Pentatonix was founded in 2011 and later won the NBC third prize for “The Sing-Off,” receiving $ 200,000 and a record deal with Sony Music.

– With more than 13 million subscriptions and 2.4 billion views, YouTube’s Pentatonix is currently the 48th most registered YouTube channel. The group’s video to Daft Punk received more than 250 million views in mid-2017.

– In May of 2014, Pentatonix signed RCA Records, a staple of Sony Music Entertainment, while in the same year the group released their fourth EP, PTX, Vol. III, and two studio albums; PTX, Vols. 1 & 2, the album was released in Japan, Korea, and Australia, and their second Christmas holiday release, That’s Christmas to Me, was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), platinum on December 24, 2014, and double platinum

– Pentatonix released their album clocks, their first full-length album, which first appeared on the US Billboard 200, followed by the third Christmas album, Pentatonix Christmas. 2016, and a new EP, PTX, Vol. IV – Classics, next year.

Typical Pentatonix products

Pentatonix Members Profile

– 2014 – PTX Vols. 1 & 2 – This is Pentatonix’s first official studio album. It includes songs from their first two non-holiday EPs plus three songs released as singles. Ben Bram, who persuaded Scott Hoying to audition for The Sing-Off, was a producer. The first Pentatonix disc came in at No. 14 on the US album chart. Second climb # 10.

– 2014 – PTX – This second longest studio album has been released across Europe. It added seven new recordings for the songs included in the first two non-holiday EPs.

– 2014 – It’s Christmas To Me – Holiday Collection It’s Christmas To Me is the first long Pentatonix collection to be released worldwide. It was almost entirely made up of music that had not been released before. The song “That’s Christmas To Me” is the only original song. The rest are all traditional holiday music. The album sold over a million copies by the end of 2014 and reached # 2 on the overall album chart. The recording of “Mary, do you know?” was released as an official single and reached # 26 on the Billboard Hot 100.

– 2015 – Pentatonix – This is the band’s first non-holiday studio album released worldwide. It is also the first collection of almost completely original songs. Pentatonix debuted at the top of the album chart. It earns a gold certification for sales. The song “Can not Sleep Love” was released as an official single and reached the top 40 on all pop, adult pop, and adult radio stations.

– A Pentatonix Christmas – The group’s second album consists of two original songs. It debuted at # 3 on the album chart and moved to # 1. In January 2017, the album sold nearly one million copies. Pentatonix covered Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” for the album. They released it as an official single and reached # 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Information about Pentatonix team members


Pentatonix Members Profile

Scott is a musician and pianist who performed at the age of eight. After graduating from Martin High School in Arlington, TX, Scott attended USC, where he took part in SoCal VoCals, a famous university and completed a cappella group.

Joining various music projects, Scott has participated in CBS ‘”Star Search” and has performed the national anthem and “God Bless America” at many professional and college sports events. Includes family games for the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Mavericks.


Pentatonix Members Profile

Mitch is the youngest member of Pentatonix and graduated from high school recently (he was a high school student when The Sing-Off recording started). In addition to being immersed in the musical theater in Arlington, TX, Mitch’s musical taste is toward the underground club and electronic music.

A veteran of many vocal and talent contests, Mitch made his first appearance at the Teen Talent Follies for his performance of Scott Alan’s “Kiss the Air.” Mitch is cultivating his skills in production and DJing while excelling as a lead singer for Pentatonix.


Pentatonix Members Profile

Kirstin was a national Spanish scholar and was a second music theater at the University of Oklahoma before joining Pentatonix. She developed her vocal skills and performed for eight years as a touring member at the Arlington Theater, where she learned to sing eight harmonies.

She began her classical training during high school and was a member of the Texas All-State Choir for three years. A four-year-old choral member and dance captain, Kirstin has performed a variety of roles in local stage performances, performing at concerts around the Metroplex, including Casa Manana and Bass Hall.


Pentatonix Members Profile

Kevin grew up in the small town of Owensboro, Kentucky, the son of a Nigerian psychiatrist and a Grenadian nurse. As a kid, Kevin began to study piano, cello, and saxophone. He performed at Carnegie Hall twice as a soloist on cello and saxophone and appeared on NPR’s “From The Top”. After completing high school at Phillips Academy Andover, Kevin enrolled at Yale University, where he studied first and studied East Asian studies.

He spent 18 months in Beijing to become fluent in Chinese as part of his Yale scholarship, while at university he began to develop his “celloboxing” skills. In “Welcome and co-operation with Yo-Yo Ma Ma will call Kevin’s celloboxing version as” Dona Nobis Pacem “both” creative and unexpected.


Pentatonix Members Profile

Matt Sallee started singing in a very young age under the direction of his father as a music pastor. Later, he continued to perform many shows and musicals in his schools and around the South Maryland area. He loves to sing all genres and is proud of his versatility to bring any style of music that best fits his audience.

He was trained classical and sang in all the choir available all through the high school. After graduating, he was admitted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he earned many singing opportunities for the President and the Presidential Advisory Committee as the only performer and Become a member of one of the best universities.

Pentatonix đã mang một bản nhạc capella đến một mức độ thành công thương mại chưa từng thấy trước đó. Bằng tài năng của các thành viên, Pentatonix  chắc chắn sẽ thành công hơn nữa trong tương lai. Mong rằng với những thông tin mà chúng tôi cung cấp trên đây các fan hâm mộ sẽ hiểu hơn về các thành viên trong nhóm nhạc này. Cảm ơn bạn đã quan tâm đến bài viết của chúng tôi, chúc bạn thật nhiều sức khỏe và luôn hạnh phúc trong cuộc sống !

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