Onew SHINee Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And Facts

Onew is a male singer of Korean boy band SHINee. You are his fan and want to understand more about Onew profile? The following article will help you answer this question in the most detailed way. Onew is known by many viewers because of his singing and performing ability on stage. Besides, with her attractive beauty, Onew always makes female fans passionate. Do not miss the interesting information about this full-featured guy in the article below.

Personal information about Onew

Onew (온유) is the leader of Korean boy band SHINee. Onew joined SM Entertainment after he auditioned for SM Academy Casting 2006. In 2008, Onew joined SHINee.

onew shinee

Stage name: Onew ()
Birth name: Lee Jin Ki (picture)
Position: Team leader, lead singer
Home: Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Birthday: December 14, 1989 Supply
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 178 cm (5’10,)
Blood type O
Twitter: @skehehdanfdldi
Instagram: @dlstmxkakwldrl

Onew’s biography and career

On May 25, 2008, Onew and his band, SHINee debuted with their only debut ‘Replay’ on SBS Inkigayo. In 2008, Onew collaborated with Lee Hyun Ji, a former member of the Banana Girl project team, for her Van Van Love Love song.

In 2009, he also collaborated with her partner Girls ‘Generation Jessica with the song “One Year Later (1 년)” for Girls’ Generation’s mini album Tell Me Your Wish. Onew and Jessica performed their song on MBC Music Core on August 1, 2009.

onew shinee

On May 21, 2009, SHINee originally planned to return but due to Onew ruining his teeth and the release of the mini-album was pushed back on May 25, 2009. In the end, SHINee had a performance back. again on June 5, 2009, at KBS Music Bank.

In 2010, Onew debuted as an actor in his first musical film “Brothers are Brave (Hyeongjeneun Yonggamhaetda / 형제 는) with Korean singer Lee Ji-Hoon., Drew. Onew starred in the drama “Dr. Champ “, he has the role of a clumsy doctor and in the drama” Athena: Goddess of War and Oh My God “He also played a cameo. In 2010, on SHINee’s second album” Lucifer “Onew also wrote the lyrics for the song, “Your name”.

During training, Onew worked hard to lose weight in the way he woke up at 5 am and then swam for an hour, walking to school took about an hour a day and after school, he skipped up to 4000 times. Onew has an ideal, well-mannered, well-mannered woman who knows how to cook and act well.

Interesting information about Onew

  • Among SHINee’s members, Onew has terrible stamina.
  • Before debuting with SHINee in 2008, he trained with SM Entertainment for 2 years.
  • During SHINee’s ‘Hello Baby’ reality show, he chose chickens and not Yoogeun because chickens were with him for 20 years.
  • At a foreign, he forgot how to sign his name.
  • When he signed up for SM Academy, he lost about 50 million won.
  • He thinks Minho is a comic character.

Ever since Onew joined the band, he has always been loved and supported by everyone. Hope interesting information about Onew profile is provided will be interesting and necessary information for you. If you’re a fan of Onew, please join his upcoming activities. Don’t forget to follow our website to get the latest updates on this guy.

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