Lin YanJun Nine Percent: Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height And Facts

Lin YanJun is a famous male singer of Nine Percent music group in China, he is known for his singing and performing ability on stage. You are Shinee’s fan and want to learn more about Lin YanJun Nine Percent profile? Follow the article below to get some interesting information about this personality guy.

Lin YanJu’s personal information

Lin YanJun is a personality, since joining the Nine Percent band he has been loved and admired by many audiences. Here are some details about Lin YanJun.

Lin YanJun Nine Percent

Stage name: Lin YanJun (林彦俊)
Birth name: Lin YanJun (林彦俊)
Position: Main singer,
Visual birthday: August 24, 1995
Zodiac signs: Virgo
Height: 181 cm (5’11 ″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood group: –
Nationality: Taiwan
Label: Banana Entertainment
Instagram: @ 888mob

Lin YanJu’s biography and career

He was born in Hainan, China and after 3 months he moved to Taiwan. (Chinese program “Wild Kitchen”). He was under the TRAINEE18 of his company before appearing on “Idol Producer”.

University of English major at Guangdong Foreign Trade University. Due to the work of parents who have to move more, they have studied in Chinese provinces such as Jiangxi, Guangzhou, Shanghai

Lin YanJun Nine Percent

Having been invited by JYP to become a trainee at the age of 18 but refused because he was young, at that time he wanted to focus on studying and completing his military service. He was voted to be the most handsome face and liked the most selfie. Living quite introspective, calm, neat and tidy.

His English name is Evan. He called his fans Evanism. He has a very flirtatious personality. Often described as being aggressive on the outside but warm and caring inside

Lin YanJun Nine Percent

He has dimples when he laughs (one of his charms). Lin Yanjun is credited with being a Dark Horse Horse because when he started Idol Producer, he didn’t really stand out, but when the show went on, he attracted more attention until he was part of the top 9.

Some interesting information about
Lin YanJun

  • He belongs to the company’s TRAINEE18 before appearing on the Idol Idol Producer program.
  • He likes to cook, watch movies and sing.
  • He likes to eat delicious food.
  • His name is Azorachin.
  • You Zhangjing is the oldest but pretends to be younger than he really is.
  • You Zhangjing can eat a lot
  • He can play the piano.

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