LE EXID Full Profile Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height And Facts

LE’s real name is Ahn Hyo Jin, she is one of the famous female singers of Korean boy band EXID. She was turned by many viewers, loved and admired by her ability to sing and perform on stage. Besides, she also brought on her a sweet and cute beauty. Are you a fan of LE and want to learn more about LE profiles? Follow our article below for more interesting information about this personality-filled girl.

LE’s personal information

Before joining EXID, Ahn Hyo Jin (LE) has won many awards from different fields. Here are some detailed personal information about LE:

le exid

Stage name: LE (엘 picture)
Born Name: Ahn Hyo Jin (안효진)
Location: Main rapper
Birthday: December 10, 1991
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Height: 168 cm (5’6 ″)
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood type: AB
Instagram: @x_xellybabyx

LE’s biography and career

Before joining EXID, LE worked with many artists such as Gavy NJ with Don’t Call Me, Junhyung (Highlight) and FeelDog (Big Star) with Absurd project, being released by Brave Brothers solo version of You. Got Some Nerve and composed 2 songs French Kiss and Black List & nbsp; in HyunA’s mini album A Talk.

le exid

Just like Solji before going home with EXID, LE was a member of an underground rap group called Jiggy Fellaz with the stage name Elly.

On February 15, 2012, EXID officially launched with the single “Whoz that girl” and LE as the main rap in the group.

In addition to working with EXID, LE also collaborates with other artists in many music projects to win numerous awards. 06/16/2016 LE appears in the title song “Hold Over”

September 6, 2016, LE took part in the “Tribe Of Hip-hop” hip-hop program along with many other famous rappers.

You may not know, LE has a total of 6 tattoos on people, a total of LE has composed 51 songs in 2017. In her group, she is nicknamed Ahn Dirty because when she lives she never cleanses the house.

Interesting information about LE

  • LE has a tattoo. It is a heart and has an inner note to express her love for music
  • LE has composed 51 songs, as of 2017
  • LE auditioned for JYP Entertainment but failed
  • Although LE’s personality, especially when she performs, she is the most feminine on EXID according to her members.
  • LE’s nickname is Ahn Dirty because she never cleans up when they live together
  • LE does not like horse riding in amusement parks. She always talked about this when they were on Showtime
  • The ideal type of LE: Cha Seung Won
le exid

Some cute pictures of LE

Since becoming a member of EXID, LE has been loved and admired by many audiences. If you are a fan of LE then surely the information LE profile provided will be the necessary information for you. Don’t forget to follow and support LE’s future upcoming events. Thank you for taking the time to care about the article!

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