K Acrush Full Update Name, Birthday, Religion, Height, And Facts

K Acrush is one of the prominent male singers of Chinese band Acrush. He is loved and admired by many audiences because of his singing and performing ability on stage. Are you a fan of K and want to learn more about your musical idols? Follow the article below for more details about this guy.

K’s personal information

Since joining the band, K has been known by many audiences, especially thanks to his cute appearance and personality. Here is some personal information about this guy.

K Acrush

Stage name: K
Birth name: Lu Keran (柯)
Position: Leader, Singer
Birthday: November 7, 1995, Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac Signs: Pigs
Height: 176 cm (5’7 ″)
Weight: 52 kg (114 lbs)
Blood type O
Instagram: k_lukeran

K’s interesting information

  • His nickname is Ke and Keke
  • He doesn’t have a lot of personal fans but he uses a lot of juicers to talk about Acrush fans.
  • K has a good relationship with her dance teacher, Dongha and her manager, Xiao Bai
  • Whenever she signed, she put an R instead of Chinese characters for Ran because there were too many lines. (XD) –
  • K’s old stage name is Ke Ran
  • On May 13, 2018, when they renamed the group, all the members decided to change the stage name so that she could change to the first K-Pre member to learn Soccer (soccer). Entertainment FFC (Great Football League.

Some cute pictures of K

With K Acrush provided, you will be able to better understand your musical idols. If you are a fan of K then surely this will be the necessary and interesting information for you. Don’t forget to follow and support K.’s upcoming events. Always stay with K’s career. Thank you for taking the time to care about the article.

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