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EXID, short for “Exceed In Dreaming” is a Korean girl group formed by AB Entertainment in 2012. With their 5 member lineup, EXID members released their debut EP, Hippity Pop, in August 2012. Now spend some time to follow our article below, surely the information provided will be interesting information for you.

Details about the EXID members

EXID became popular when the single “Up & Down” (2014) unexpectedly reached number one on Gaon singles chart after 4 months since its release.

The current group consists of 5 members: Solji (currently suspended due to health problems), LE, Hani, Hyelin and Jeong Hwa are managed by BANANA Culture.

1. Jeong Hwa

exid members profile

The stage name: Jeonghwa
Birth name: Park Jung Hwa
Location: main dancer, singer, rapper, visual
Birthday: May 8, 1995
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood type A

Interesting information about Jeong Hwa

– She was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi, Korea
– She is a former JYP trainee.
– She appeared in the Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” MV.
– She appeared in Huh Gak’s “Whenever You Play That Song” MV.
– She appeared in several episodes of “Match Made in Heaven Returns”.
– She wants to be an actress since she was a kid.
– She participated in “The Revenge of the Wife” when she was very young.
– She is very friendly.
– She can play the piano.

2. Hyerin

exid members profile

Stage name: Hyerin
Birth Name: Seo Hye Rin
Title: Vocalist
Birthday: August 23, 1993
The Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 166.7 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood type O

Interesting information about Hyerin

– She was born in Gwangju Korea.
– She is the only child in the family.
– She graduated from Dongduk Women’s University.
– The name Hyerin is Jenny.
– Favorite food: Sushi
– Favorite color: Blue
– The ideal type: Shinhwa
– She does not like cats.

3. Hani

exid members profile

Stage name: Hani
Birth Name: Ahn Hee Yeon
Position: singer, image, group face
Birthday: May 1, 1992
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood type: AB

Interesting information about Hani

– She was born in Seoul, South Korea
– She is a former JYP trainee.
– She is very smart, with 145 IQ.
– She studied in China before.
– She speaks English and Chinese.
– Hani has a cat named Fati.

4. LE

exid members profile

Stage name: LE
Birth name: Ahn Hyo Jin
Location: Main Rapper
Birthday: December 10, 1991
The Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood type: AB

Interesting information on LE

– She was born in Cheonan, Chungcheong, Korea
– Family: brother
– She likes to play Lego
– LE and Zinger (Secret) are very close.
– She collaborated with Huh Gak on “Whenever You Play This Song”.
– She is a member of the group “Jiggy Fellaz” under the name “Elly”
– The girl singing in MBLAQ’s “Oh yeah” was LE, when she was in Jiggy Fellaz.
– She collaborated with BIGSTAR’s FeelDog and B2ST’s Junhyung for “You Got Some Nerve”.
– LE is a former Cube trainee.
– She participated in “Show Me the Money 2”.
– LE has a tattoo. It is a heart and has a musical note inside to express her love for Music.


exid members profile

Stage name: Solji
Birth name: Heo Sol Ji
Title: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: January 10, 1989
Zodiac Capricorn
Height: 170 cm
Blood type O

Interesting information about SOLJI

– She is an R & B singer.
– She was a member of 2BN.
– Solji released a total of 23 singles with 2NB, but nothing succeeded.
– She also has a solo career, she released a single in 2008.
– Solji is vocal coach of EXID before joining the group.
– In 2015, she won the King of Mask Singer (a show hidden song).
– She likes to hike.
– Solji’s nickname is Heo Bad Gas (Hani has said that whenever they are dieting and they will only eat eggs she always fart)
– Solji has a dog named Choco. Its breed is Chihuahua.

Here are some interesting facts about, the EXID members profile that we want to share with you. Hope the information above will help you better understand your idol. Do not forget to follow Kshowbiz.com to get updates on Kpop news around the world.


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