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BLACK PINK (블랙 핑크) is a new girl group formed in August 2016 under the management of YG Entertainment, also known as the 2nd girl group of YG after 2NE1. Blackpink’s fandom is BLINK, including Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. They are considered as the four most beautiful girls in the group, the most popular group this year, and the leader of Blackpink. To find out more about Blackpink profile please take a moment to follow my article below.

Black Pink member profile information – Blackpink Profile

If you are a fan of one of the four beautiful girls, do not miss out on the interesting article below.

1. BlackPink JISOO

blackpink profile

Real name: Kim Ji Soo

Nickname: Chi Choo, Jichu

Location: Vocalist, Visual

Date of Birth: 3/1/1995 (Capricorn)

Place of birth: Seoul, Korea

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood type A

Instagram: @sooyaaa__

Biography of Jisoo

Black PinkJisoo is a person who is always smiling, always a cheerful person in the group, she can play drums and guitar, although Jisoo cannot speak English, but she can understand it well, Show that she is a true 4D idol. Her family has an older brother and an older sister, especially Jisou’s ideal type: “A good guy is especially interested in her lover.”

2. Black Pink JENNIE

blackpink profile

Real name: Jennie Kim (제니 김)

Nickname: Jendeukie

Location: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist

Date of birth: 16/1/1996 (Capricorn)

Place of birth: Korea

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood type: B

Instagram: @jennierubyjane

Biography Jennie

Jennie did not have a sibling, she studied in the Netherlands, and then she studied in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College. One of her nicknames is “Human Gucci” because she often wears expensive costumes from Gucci. She is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English. In particular, Jennie’s ideal boyfriend is a hard-working man.

3. Plack Pink ROSÉ


Black Pink: Rosé

Real name: Park Chae Young (박채영)

English name: Park Roseanne

Nickname: Scar, Beard, “Pasta”

Location: Main Vocalist

Date of birth: 11/2/1997 (Aquarius)

Place of birth: New Zealand

Height: 168cm – 170cm

Weight: 41 kg

Blood type: B

Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

Biography of Rosé

ROSÉ has ​​a sister named Alice who is Korean but was born in Auckland, New Zealand and grew up in Melbourne, Box Hill, Australia, where she attended Canterbury Girls Secondary College. Moved to Korea in 2012.

Rosé is left-handed, and possesses a good voice, as G-Dragon says he really likes Rosé’s voice when he collaborates with her in 2012 and said that her voice was really unique. Not only is she very talented and talented, she leads the YG competition in Australia, she can also speak fluent Korean, English, Japanese easily, can play piano, guitar.

Especially Rosé’s ideal type: Someone good and sincere, with a unique voice.

4. Black Pink LISA

blackpink profile

Black Pink: Biography

Real name: Lalisa Manoban

Nickname: Alice, Liz, Lía

Location: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Maknae

Birthday: March 27, 1997 (Aries)

Place of birth: Bangkok, Thailand

Height: 168cm ~ 170cm

Weight: 46 kg

Blood type O

Instagram: @lalalalisa_m

Biography of Black Pink Lisa

Lisa is a very playful and playful girl, she has a sister. Previously, Lisa’s name was Pranpriya and her friends called her by the Pockpack nickname. She has been living in Korea since she was a high school student, and she is a childhood friend of GOT7’s BamBam. Lisa is also very talented when she can speak Korean, English, Japanese, and Thai. The team members rated her as the most viewers in BlackPink.

Lisa’s ideal boyfriend: She says she likes older people. Of course, no one is too old, but she says she thinks an older guy will be able to take care of her the best.

Currently, the Black Pink Band is one of the most popular young bands in Korea that are receiving a lot of fans around the world. Hopefully, the Blackpink profile provided on the article will help you better understand your idol. Do not forget to follow the next article to update more interesting information about these four beautiful girls!

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