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Just a girl who loves horror movies hoodie


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Seriously ? I still don’t see it . If you do that’s fine I respect your right to see it any way you want to. You can find the negative in anything. I choose not to that’s the hill I’m willing to die on. ou have literally been given resources to show you the proof of racism and yet, you are refusing to believe it. That means that you’re fine in living with these racist things, just as long as you can continue to turn a blind eye to it. Good for you ! I have always had an open mind an I HAVE AWAYS treated people with dignity and respect- until they no longer deserve it. I do not expect everyone to agree with my opinion or beliefs. I have not been nasty and hateful to you or anyone else on this thread. As I said I am not black or white – I have suffered my share of racism I will not let my past define me. Have a nice day- go be hateful to someone else. Because opinions aren’t worth anything if you can’t back them up. So, back up your “it’s not racist” opinion. Let’s see your sources that counteract the MULTIPLE sources that were given to you on this thread. How can you still defend it not being a racist symbol? Where are you getting your facts? well said Patty. People’s mindsets are way off these days and there’s no way people are going to agree on everything. But being open minded enough to respect other’s opinions might be a good middle ground we can live with. She is like the white version of Aunt Bessie except Aunt Bessie is not a real person. CJ Walker was a real woman. Not a slave who was forced to be pictured in these adverts and on product labels. She was paid well for the use of her image and became a millionaire from it. The minstrel show in the uk were white men ‘blacked up’ which is so offensive. This is not offensive!! Shall we take the faces of all successful Black people, including Hattie McDaniels Oscar for Gone with the Wind. How dare you rain on their parade…

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