Don’t follow me I do stupid things Cycling shirt, hoodie, tank top



Don't follow me I do stupid things Cycling hoodie

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Keep making the kind, unselfish decision to protect your Mum. Your sacrifice is appreciated by many and valued and admired by many in Australia. Praying for you as you do what many health experts in Australia would say is the right thing to do. You know what is right and just and doing so. I feel your pain and anguish. I just want to wish you all the very best under these incredible circumstances. Stay safe, stay strong! We are all thinking of you! Yep I’ve done 107 days with a few excursions to safe havens and I am amazed by how complacent people are given what we see happening. I do not blame you for staying home! I am in NC and live in a small town. I wear mask when I go out. I pick up my groceries, for the most part, from Walmart, like you do. I do my best to stay home and when I do go out, I wear a mask.
I feel horrible that there’s so much rioting and looting. That doesn’t bring peace and it takes peoples’ attention from the peaceful marching/protesting.
Please stay safe! You are doing the right thing by staying home. You are doing the right thing, don’t listen to anyone else. My brother and his family came home from living in LA due to the simmering unrest in mid April- very glad to have them here. Thinking of you all the way from Australia. Take care and stay safe. Do what is best and most comfortable for you! Stay where you know is safe. Great care for your Mom. Will pray for all of you! Keep staying home………… my daughter is in NYC. I’m in Queensland, Australia. Australia just had their first death today after over 1 month with zero deaths. I feel very sad for the USA. Hang in there!

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