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Does anyone believe that once the threat of this virus is over the databases they built on you and yours will ever go away? We are spiraling headfirst at 400 miles per hour into a Chinese government tracking system that we will not get out of. Ever. Stop this madness now.”
Far out man – who would have thunk it. Wow – a bit chilling isn’t it. And it seems the ‘sheep’ are going to line up to participate. Wow man – and ‘Army of KAREN’S.’ I have a ‘cell’ phone which I don’t carry around with me, and never intend to have a ‘smart phone.’ So what are they saying, unless I get a ‘smart phone’ with an ‘app’ for the government to track me, I have to go to a ‘detention camp.’ Covid-19 is a most serious issue.
Consider this. One goes to a restaurant with a several people. They immediately demand to see your ID, and note where each of you sat, enter the data in their database – along with the time you were there.
Gee whiz – why not just tattoo a ‘barcode’ on everybody (that will save time), and they just ‘scan’ you when you come in. They can scan you everywhere you go, then the ‘giant algorithm’ will know exactly where you were, and when you were there. They can scan you every time you get on public transportation. They can track your private car and fix it so it won’t start until you are properly scanned by your ‘car scanner.’ It makes for a really scary science fiction movie.
But ‘wake up’ – consider this army of self-important busybodies lording it over your life. And once Covid-19 has been dealt with, the ‘army’ will just move on to other issues – it will never be disbanded. It’s called the ‘arrogance’ of the ‘petty bureaucrats.’ They are small people doing little jobs, but in this one area – THEY ARE GOD! Are the Progressive Democrats proposing this monstrosity clueless or nefarious. I will give them credit for being smart, so it must be the later. Utterly chilling – an army of petty, self-important, arrogant little ‘brownshirts’ – lording it over your life for you own good, and because they can. Chilling – resist.

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