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I’m so sad that you have to endure all this Tami , you are doing the right thing , as hard as it is . Keep well and stay safe , your true friends will still be there for you when you’re able to see them. Your post made me cry. I’m in Perth Australia where it is nowhere near as bad as what you are going through over there…so hard hearing what is happening. Huge hugs and stay strong knowing you are doing the right thing. Sending love from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia. I’m blessed to live in a beautiful part of Australia and things not so bad at the moment. Stay safe. You are doing a wonderful thing for your Mother and I’m sure she loves you for it. Stand your ground, do what is right for you & your family , trust your medical advice & your instincts, look after your Mom & yourself sending love & positive thoughts from Brisbane Australia. I have a soft spot for AZ, my sister lived in Phoenix for 12 years, I visited a few times, loved it. Stay home as much as you can, physical distancing seems to be the key. I am very sorry for all the upheaval & tension going on for you over in the states, add that to covid19 virus & an up coming presidential election , these are very very scary times. The death & destruction is horrific , please look after you & your family.

I have elderly parents in their late 80’s, Dad has dementia & heart issues, Mum has bad osteoarthritis but is still as sharp as a tack, we live on the Central Coast NSW Australia- for the most part our fellow coasties have done what was asked of us during lockdown- as things start to re open we so far haven’t had a spike in cases, we haven’t let Dad out and about to keep him safe & Mum has been out a few times with mask & lots of sanitizer – I think you are sensible for maintaining yr lockdown status if you lose friends due to this then maybe they weren’t real friends to start with – stay strong stay safe!

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