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I started watching The Apprentice to better understand who Trump was before his presidency. He has a strong sense of justice, right and wrong. He also loves people. And funny how everyone wanted to be his friend before he ran for President. It is on Tubi if you are interested. You seem to be an intelligent young woman. I am glad that you Get it! You are as intelligent as you are beautiful. I wish that more of your peers would take the time to research and question why they hate Republicans and this President. Welcome, Amanda. Welcome. Sometimes it takes our own convictions to help us to sat hmm. I’m proud you were able to reserch for yourself and come to your own conclusion. Happy to have you if you ever need a listening board don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for sharing! So glad you did your research and found out the truth! I too was once a Democrat, but walked away 2008 because I saw through Barack Obama. The Democrats in the mainstream media constantly manipulate and lie. I think more and more people are starting to see the light. I would recommend watching Fall of the Cabal a 10-part series and Out of Shadows. Both are on YouTube. Welcome and God bless!
Not to worry..The so called friends you lost. were not true blue friends..Some may come around many will not..Their loss not yours. Welcome, welcome lovely Amanda Lea Blackman! So glad you saw thru the lies. It takes courage to #WalkAway but #OnceUSeeItUCantUnSeeIt. I’m a life-long conservative and have always been a Republican and I’m so happy that you see now that we are not/have never been what the media lied and made us out to be. I’m a Christian and pray for God to send you a conservative friend. Feel free to send me a request.
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