Black Lives Matter Superheroes poster



Black Lives Matter Superheroes poster

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In today’s world there is no life without money. How do you eat? You got to the store or into the woods. Where do you sleep in a house or a bridge. Don’t be stupid. not at all but YOU FUCKED UP you could have given a little time for change but no you had to light a fire, break a window destroy a business and on top of everything MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE. Well now your little party is out of hand and you HAVE PROVEN THAT WE NEED COPS MORE THAN EVER. But now it’s going to be the Military family against family do I support my son or daughter in the service or the one that looted rioted murdered and destroy historical monuments. Yes might as come up with YOUR VERSION OF THE CONFEDERATE FLAG because we are going to be fighting for the red white and blue. it’s time to start tearing down black history! You take mine we will take yours. O personally would start with your precious MARTIN LUTHER KING. You have destroyed everything he tried to teach you.

Why are you putting me into the group of destroyers, looters, rioters, mayhem causing moronic, self entitled, needing an azz whoopin like they never had and shouldve gotten a long time ago group? Exactly what did I say to warrant such a response from you? not hate but sick of your destruction. Me racist your the ones that my way or I will burn your business steal your stuff and MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE. WHEN IS IT ENOUGH? EXACTLY what did I type that makes you say this? Verbatim(word for word) if you cant provide that, then you need to go sit down and get away from the key board. once more, unless you can show me word for word exactly what I said to warrant your ignorance, then you’re just a child trying to bait a fight…good day and bless your soul.

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